Brole County Public Schools

A player who has participated in four Miramar wins this year was ineligible and the team has cleared four of its victories this season, according to Brole County Public Schools spokeswoman Cathleen Brennan.

The school discovered that the player was ineligible and reported the injury itself to the Florida High School Athletic Association, Brennan said.

With the four free wins now defeats, the Patriots are 1-7 this season. The ineligible player did not play in Miramar’s win against Everglades last Friday.

The player in question attended an alternative school that had no football team, which allowed him to play for Miramar, said Miramar coach A.J. Scott. The player did not attend classes, so he was forced to retire from the alternative school, Scott said.

Scott said Miramar High was unaware that the player was out of school and the player was still playing games, even though he was not eligible to play.

“The main thing is that I feel bad for this class – that a student’s egoism has hurt so many, and that’s just the main thing,” Scott said. “Hopefully everybody learns from it and we keep going and make the most of it.”

The change in Miramar’s record was not taken into account for this week’s RPI playoff rankings, which were released Tuesday afternoon. The record change will affect the RPI for several teams competing for playoff spots, such as American Heritage, Dillard, McArthur and St. Thomas Aquinas.

Miramar Football Team

It was a turbulent season for the Miramar football team. Scott was released from the team’s defeat by St. Thomas Aquinas on September 20 and subsequently suspended for three months despite denying any wrongdoing.

Since Scott’s suspension, the Patriots had won three consecutive games with a total score of 61: 6, including an emotional victory over McArthur immediately after the suspension.

Miramar is playing a street game on Hialeah American this Friday and then ends the season against Cooper City.